FEDEMAC is the only hub that brings together European National Movers Associations and its members. It also welcomes individual commercial entities without national affiliations in Europe or with affiliations linked to FEDEMAC, as well as players from other regions of the world.

Types of Membership for Commercial Entities

FEDEMAC offers two types of membership for commercial entities that meet the following criteria:

  • generate at least 80% of their revenue from removal and storage services;
  • have a proof of good reputation*.
  • have been operating for at least two fiscal years;

*For more information, please get in touch with the FEDEMAC Headquarters. e-mail: [email protected]

If you operate a removal and storage company in a European country where there is no existing FEDEMAC member association or one interested in joining, this option is for you.

Member’s Rights:

  • Enjoy full membership rights, including voting and policy-making for your country’s moving industry.
  • Represent FEDEMAC in your country.


  • Establish a respectable national association of removal and storage companies with reputable local members within three years of joining FEDEMAC.

If you fall into any of the following categories, the Commercial Membership is designed to benefit your business:

  • a member of a European national association which is a full member of FEDEMAC;
  • a member of a European national association, recognized by FEDEMAC as the most representative association in the country, which does not compete with another FEDEMAC member association;
  • not part of a national association because it does not exist in your respective country;
  • located outside Europe and interested in strengthening business ties in Europe.

Member’s Rights:

  • Access to the business opportunities provided by FEDEMAC.

Note that Commercial Members do not have voting rights in FEDEMAC or policy-making rights in their respective countries.

Advantages of FEDEMAC  Membership 

It has never been more important for moving companies to stay connected, generate business and keep up to date with the latest news.  As the Voice of the European Moving Industry, FEDEMAC Membership offers you the tools you need to run and maintain a successful moving company.

FREE ACCESS and use of

  • used and new equipment sales platform: FEDEMAC MARKET,
  • shipment and transport exchange platform: FEDEMAC EXCHANGE,
  • FEDEMAC & YMC friends WhatsApp Group: unlimited times of requests for assistance, agent search, advise or service request,
  • the latest news from FEDEMAC and the industry by receiving FEDEMAC Weekly News (10K+ recipients) and FEDEMAC Monthly News (for Members-Only),

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Discounted Access TO

  • the FEDEMAC General Assembly, Young Movers Conference and other events
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Learn about a full list of the benefits  for Direct Affiliates and Commercial Members: here