Roldo Rent systems, the sustainable way to move

Roldo Rent is specialized in the rental of professional moving equipment for the moving industry. Both for internal and external moves you can speed up the move, work more efficiently, more safely and with greater environmental consideration. 

Plastic crates offer many benefits above carton boxes such as better stacking, safer, no folding, moisture proof and lockable. Roll cages bring speed in the move, they are available in different types and sizes, even for keeping access to your archive during the move.

The new Clever Move Box is a perfect collapsible box that will reduce your storage space during the transportation and removal. The box is easy to handle, the lids can be sealed and it has a barcode and RFID label. The Clever Move Box comes together with the Clever Move Dolly. On top of that both are Cradle to Cradle recyclable.

Renting offers many advantages like no investments, no storage cost and no maintenance cost. For every type of move you can choose the best mix of materials in the desired quantity.

Roldo Rent had offices and depots in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland. If you need materials in another country, please contact us. For a complete overview of our service range and systems, please take a look at