Innovation for Movers  

The ergonomic Multi Trolley is an innovation for movers. It lets a single user move heavy, awkward items of furniture all by themselves, without any heavy lifting and carrying. This cuts the risk of back injuries, prevents damages and makes handling items easy and enjoyable.

Using its patented “tipping-technique”, Multi Trolley provides a safe and secure means for one person to move conference tables, king-sized beds, sofas, height-adjustable desks and other items of home and office furniture.

Designed by a Swedish mover with 40 years’ experience in the moving industry, Multi Trolley was developed due to the general lack of equipment for moving “everyday” items of furniture, which are still commonly lifted and carried by two people.

Used daily by movers in Europe, North America and the Middle East, Multi Trolley speeds up moving jobs and halves the number of resources required on a move, meaning companies can undertake more jobs, increase profitability and display a professional image to customers.

Take a look at our video presentation on YouTube for some of the practical uses of Multi Trolley.

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