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After 45 Years as “Gradlyn Kennels -Petshipping,” Renowned, Frankfurt-based  Pet Shipping Firm’s New Name Reflects Massive Expansion of Activity World-wide

It all started back in 1968 when more than 600,000 US soldiers and their families serving in the NATO Alliance were stationed in West Germany on long-term assignments. Shipping American families beloved pets back to the US on completion of assignment, a small start-up firm calling itself “Gradlyn Kennels,” specializing in animal airfreight services began operations at Frankfurt Rhein-Main International Airport, directly adjacent to the Rhein-Main Air Force Base, the Gateway to Europe.

Who could possibly imagine that what began as a relatively simple transport service serving perhaps 80,000 American families in the heart of Europe shipping family dogs and pussycat or an occasional rabbit or two, would slowly, steadily evolve into a world-renowned firm, the foremost of its kind, bringing every manner of mammal, fish, avian, reptile, amphibian imaginable to zoos, animal parks, breeders, collectors and, yes, pets as well as service animals, to destinations world-wid?

It was the first step of the long march as GRADLYN’s ancestor started the parade from pet poodles to patrol dogs to pachyderms… Given the universal satisfaction and success shipping military family pets, pretty soon the US Defense Department engaged GRADLYN to transport sentry dogs and other service and ceremonial animals by air, first returning them to the US, and then transporting them after training in America to Europe.

As GRADLYN executives Faruk Berberovic and Kay Wissenbach recall, "This was the beginning of GRADLYN’s evolution becoming a world-wide player because one the US military’s imprimatur was obtained, that  was the assurance for others to rely on GRADLYN."

"Next thing, trained police dogs and prize-pedigree animals from breeders around the global quickly were added to our ‘passenger lists’ of four-legged travelers. Then came an ever-increasing number of private customers, travelers, who sought safe, reliable air transportation for their animals accompanying them around the world."

"Our in-depth knowledge and experience contending with the myriad shipping, import and export regulations of countless countries on all continents became a trademark of the GRADLYN operation, a guarantee as it were for perfectly-planed, stress-free pet animal transport flights."

"Pretty soon GRADLYN’s activity spectrum expanded to include zoos, aquariums, and animal parks.  The size of GRADLYN shipments also grew – from a lone, solitary titmouse on a commercial flight all the way up to a special charter for a dozen elephants!"

"Naturally, the entire gamut of regulations regarding endangered species and proper transportation for all species particularly of exotic creatures are coordinated for every shipment as part of GRADLYN daily business routine.”

 Why GRADLYN? It’s a Matter of Trust!

When animals have to travel, the best argument for choosing GRADLYN is that of trust: 45 years of reliable, safe, animal transport history as a leading animal freight company is the best argument.

It is also a matter of people… GRADLYN’s highly-trained, multi-lingual personnel. Dealing with owners, private persons, companies, airlines, health and customers authorities all over the world, GRADLYN’s linguistic capabilities help get business done fast, effectively and smoothly. Fluency in Filipino, Pakastani, Serbian-/Croatian, Bosnian, as well as English, Spanish, French, Italian and of course German and others expedites things readily permitting effective travel planning.

Mr Wissenbach states that, “ The animal is our focus of attention: one must always be aware that a pet is a family member. That’s why “door to door” service is an important aspect of our concept as both the animal and owner are equally served. Our climate-controlled, GPS-trackable specialized vehicles and customized transportation cages guarantee the safe movement of your animal. These items are especially licensed by IATA, the international airline industry’s governing body. All governmental approvals from health certification to the adherence to the Washington Conference CITES Guidelines regarding protection of endangered species as well as the selection of optimal animal transportation cages are part of GRADLYN’s work-a-day routine,” Wissenbach continues.

“The bottom line: GRADLYN continues the Petshipping’s 45-year tradition of success --  simple, fast, reliable animal transport -- in cooperation  with its certified partners worldwide as we look forward to maintaining our time-honored traditions for the next half century.”

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