DKV Euro Service

DKV Euro Service is a leading fuel and services provider to the goods and passenger transport sectors on the roads of Europe. The company was established in 1934 and for over 80 years has offered the well-known DKV Card, a fuel payment card for the whole of Europe.

With 54,000 service stations across 42 countries, including the UK and Ireland, DKV has one of the largest and most comprehensive supply networks in the sector. DKV custome rs can use the DKV Card to obtain different brands of fuel and lubricants, cash-free. It also provides a high degree of transparency when it comes to billing and the potential for savings.

Through the DKV Card and additional services DKV offers a range of products that are geared to day-to-day transport operations and designed to optimize the fleet management process. DKV’s aim is to help its customers avoid delays, take advantage of price benefits and operate in a more efficient manner.

The company also provides VAT and Fuel Duty refund services, 24-hour breakdown, windscreen and tyre services, and online services for route planning, e-reporting, Tachomanager, and a dedicated Account Manager and Administration Assistant for each client.

Using DKV’s extensive and cost-effective services means companies in the removals industry can settle motorway tolls and the charges payable to use bridges, mountain passes, tunnels and numerous ferry links, cash-free throughout Europe. DKV is the only non-French accredited supplier of on board units for the French motorway toll system TIS PL. With the fully compatible DKV Box, DKV is able to bill tolls for France, Spain, Portugal as well as the Liefkenshoek-tunnel in Belgium and the Warnow tunnel in Germany.


From 1st of April 2016, the satellite-based Viapass toll system was be introduced in Belgium for trucks with a gross registered weight over 3.5 tonnes. This new kilometer-dependent toll system applies to the existing Eurovignette route network within the regions of Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels, and replaced the previously applicable time-based Eurovignette in Belgium. DKV offers you a one stop-toll-management service which covers the Belgian toll also. Click here to get further information or download the DKV Broschure.


Legally compliant through France
DKV helps you handle your proof of minimum wage formalities

As of now, DKV Euro Service supports its customers in completing the application forms and acquiring their posting attestations. DKV has moreover appointed an authorised agent to represent its customers. These services are provided and handled by REMOBIS Refund Service, which is part of DKV Mobility Services Group.

Your benefits:

  • We arrange your authorised representative in France.
  • The fee per registered driver is only 10 EUR per year
  • Quick and simple settlement of procedures
  • Your own DKV account manager will be pleased to provide relevant information and documents on your and your drivers’ behalf.

Avoid problems with the French authorities, comply with the new law with our service and rely on the DKV support. Contact your DKV contact person for more information.

At the same time each customer has individual needs that are catered for by DKV. DKV’s personal approach to their customers and their needs sets them apart from any competition.DKV offers strongly competitive structural cost management services, based on flexibility, 24/7 continuity of service and a full pan-EU coverage.

So “You drive, we care” is not just another fast quote, but a truly ingrained philosophy within DKV!