Throughout the years, CARU has evolved into one of the largest traders of new and used shipping and storage containers in the world. Customers can buy and rent containers from us at different locations worldwide.

We have our own offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Czech Republic, and the United States. With our dynamic fleet we can deliver containers almost anywhere in the world.

CARU Containers is an experienced supplier with customers based throughout Europe that understands the particular demands of your business as a moving company. CARU Containers don’t just provide storage containers; our aim is to provide containers with superb quality and appearance because we understand that a container is part of the branding from your company. We know that the look and feel inside and outside of the container needs to be tip top! That is why we guarantee the quality that we supply and aim to understand your specific business needs.

Representatives from CARU Containers will be happy to discuss your needs and help you to select the best container solutions for your individual business.