Böcker Maschinenwerke GmbH

Böcker is one of the leading manufacturers of crane and lift technology worldwide. For nearly 60 years Böcker inclined elevators have been essential for a safe and rapid transport of furniture. Thanks to robust workmanship and reliable technology our products are distinguished by their high durability.

The comprehensive product range starts with compact and cost-effective ladder lifts. Trailer mounted models provide customers with improved performance whereas truck mounted models reach lifting heights up to 55 metres. Flat furniture platforms with foldable side-panels offer generous space and carry loads up to 400 kg. Thanks to powerful drive units, Böcker furniture lifts easily reach lifting speeds up to 60 m/min.

 In order to provide customers with a customized solution, Böcker continuously focuses on innovative products. The Junior series, for instance, is an extremely compact trailer mounted furniture lift which operates on a minimum required space. Thanks to the retractable axle this lift fits through any standard-sized door making removals in backyards easily possible.

Furthermore, the Agilo-HL is a truck mounted furniture lift which provides payloads of up to 400 kg and is driven by the powerful PTO auxiliary drive as standard. A Honda petrol engine or 230 V electric motor are optionally available.

Personal customer support is our top priority. No matter whether you are looking for the perfect lift for your projects or whether you have any other question – feel free to contact us at any time.