Decoding the Belgian Moving Landscape: Insights from the Director of the Belgian Removers Association 

December 12, 2023

In a recent interview with Koenraad Vangoidsenhoven, the director of Belgian Removers Association, the challenges of finding a reliable and affordable moving company in Belgium were discussed. As the consumer team of Radio2 delves into the intricacies of this often daunting task, Vangoidsenhoven sheds light on acceptable pricing and ways to identify trustworthy movers amid a sea of options. 

Marie, a resident of Eeklo, shared her bewilderment at the varying quotes received from different moving companies in her area. The prices ranged from 920 euros to 1,400 euros, leaving her puzzled about what constitutes a reasonable cost for moving services. Vangoidsenhoven explained that, on average, a move in Belgium surpasses 1,000 euros, emphasizing that the number of hours worked by movers and the distance covered contribute significantly to the overall expense. 

The interview highlighted the pitfalls of relying on search engines for moving company selection. Vangoidsenhoven cautioned against putting too much trust in companies that offer fixed package prices, as moves often take longer than anticipated. He advocated for thorough research, suggesting that consumers check whether moving is the primary activity of a company, a factor indicative of professionalism. 

To combat the prevalence of unscrupulous movers, the Chamber of Movers introduced the “Recognized Mover” label. Companies meeting specific criteria and undergoing customer satisfaction surveys can claim this designation, providing a level of quality assurance. However, Vangoidsenhoven acknowledged that the label doesn’t offer an absolute guarantee, and reliable companies without it still exist. 

As a proactive measure, the Chamber of Movers encourages consumers to check for a transport permit by entering a company’s VAT number into the FPS Mobility’s application. Additionally, Vangoidsenhoven expressed hope for forthcoming legislation to address the issue of rogue movers, proposing attendance registration and site notification requirements for moving companies. 

The interview concluded with practical tips for consumers, including comparing quotes from different companies, estimating moving time generously, and checking the Social Fund Removals website for companies with registered staff. Vangoidsenhoven also advocated for a site visit or video call with the mover to accurately assess the moving needs. 

In summary, the interview provided valuable insights into the challenges faced by consumers when choosing a moving company in Belgium and emphasized the importance of thorough research and caution in the selection process. 

Note: The full interview is available in French on the Radio 2 website.